What I do

Senior security, safety and compliance consultant for industry and public administration from 1990.
Experience in nuclear plants, industry, oil & gas, building sites, warfare, transportation, as a consultant or Safety Coordinator of building and decommissioning sites.

Being in charge of the CSE of a nuclear power plant decommissioning he guaranteed more than 100,000 man-hour without any accident.

Expert in machinery safety and Safety Management Systems.

Participated in security studies for sites like the European Tunnel Turin-Lyon, the Dubai Water Canal Boardwalk, Dubai JBR The Beach.

Being a technical consultant, assisted italian courts, attorneys and lawyers in cases related, among others, with accidents in Goodyear, Kraft Food, Lamina, Pozzi Ginori, Danone.

Customers are entities like Abbott, ACRAF Angelini, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Colgate-Palmolive, Desmet-Ballestra, Findus, Haupt-Pharma, Heinz, IBI-Lorenzini, Ittella Foods, Jimenez-Belinchòn, Italian Ministry of Defense, Koch-Glitsch, Kuwait Petroleoum, Owens-Illinois, Perfetti Van Melle, Plasmon, Schlumberger, Sogin. They have been helped in achieving a safer work environment.

His methods are often founded on a scientific and innovative approach, research based, to manage technical issues.

He holds seminars on topics like:

Safety Engineering, La Sapienza University, Rome.
Security Risk Management, Federico II Univ., Naples
Accident Investigation, Università Roma Tre, Rome
Security and Safety Science, Università Campus Bio-Medico, Rome

He is:

Master in Homeland Security, Università Campus Bio-Medico, Rome
PhD in safety, security and loss prevention; La Sapienza, Rome
MSc in civil engineering, La Sapienza, Rome
Qualified Expert in Behavior-Based Safety (AARBA, Italy), Milan
Occupational health and safety auditor (OHSAS 18001) by SGS, Naples

As per Italian and EU Laws certifications:
447/95 Acoustical Expert
81/08 Safety Site Coordinator (CSP/CSE) and Safety Manager (RSPP)
257/92 Asbestos Expert
818/84 Fire Prevention Expert
81/08 Tutor and Certified Trainer in safety training